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The team from Rainbow Mind collect an Award for their project Radical Self-care(RadSec) in 2022
The Innovations in Mindfulness Awards 2024 are now open!

Read more and apply here

Why does mindfulness need innovation?

Mindfulness is an inherent human capacity that we all have, but cultivating and refining this capacity requires training, and these efforts are necessarily a product of the times we live in.

As culture and technology evolves, so must the ways in which mindfulness is shared and practiced to meet the needs of people. If not, everyday people miss out. ‍

This is why this innovation awards programme has been created - to celebrate the efforts being made in making mindfulness practices more accessible, diverse and effective.

Celebrating creativity that meets real needs

Are you looking for an opportunity to support innovation in the mindfulness sector?

We are actively seeking sponsors for the 2024 Innovation in Mindfulness Awards.

The evidence base for mindfulness has never been stronger, but for many there are still huge barriers to accessing it. We live in complex times, and need innovative solutions which can hold that complexity.

Exciting innovations are emerging, and financial support can be the catalyst to take them forward.
If you can offer sponsorship, contact us for a conversation.

"Being selected gave us more confidence that the mindfulness world saw value in what we were trying to do. It adds credibility and it certainly influences some funders."

Miia Chambers, finalist in 2022
"What I really liked was the online offering where potential applicants come together and ask questions. It felt like a community and there was encouragement between the applicants, which felt really healthy and not competitive."

Aesha Francis, finalist in 2022
"Winning the award has led to developing a partnership with Mind, getting a significant amount of income to take this to the next level."

Luke Doherty, finalist in 2022

What is the purpose of the Awards?

Our 2022 Finalists

In October 2022, the Mindfulness Initiative and Hart Knowe Trust announced BAM! as the winner of the 2022 Innovations in Mindfulness Awards. The runner-up was Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training from the Urban Mindfulness Foundation, and the two outstanding nominees were Radical Self-care from Rainbow Mind and Take Back Your Life from the Globe Community Project. In recognition of their success in the awards, all four finalists were featured in short videos. Sit back and take in a dose of inspiration from all our finalists!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we welcome enquiries from businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring the awards. It's a great opportunity to work at the cutting edge of developments in the mindfulness sector. Contact Richard Edwards by writing to or using this form.

The Awards are run by a team from the Mindfulness Initiative and the Hart Knowe Trust. Both organisations recognise that mindfulness programmes must be developed with integrity and with respect for the existing evidence base, but that new ways of delivering mindfulness will mean that its benefits are available to a wider range of people. Read more here.

Mindfulness is an inherent human capacity, which can be cultivated and refined through training. Innovative projects are developing mindfulness training programmes that are suited to particular groups, or delivered through new channels, to enable the benefits of mindfulness to reach a wider audience.

This is why this innovation awards programme has been created - to celebrate the efforts being made in making mindfulness practices more accessible, diverse and effective.

Read all about the 2024 Awards on this page, which will then take you through to the application form. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 7 May 2024.

Information about the categories is on the page called 2024 Awards. If you are unsure which to apply for, join us on Tuesday 26 March at the Q&A webinar!

The judges will be announced in the coming months, so keep an eye on this website and follow us on social media for updates. For the 2022 Awards, the judges included Richard Burnett, Cathy-Mae Karelse, Jamie Bristow, Rohan Gunatallike, Vidyamala Burch, Menka Sanghvi and Vin Harris.

The Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators was developed by innovation consultant Menka Sanghvi to support pioneers of all stripes in the field of mindfulness training. It has been revised and relaunched in 2024, and you can read it here.

Yes! We’re keen to receive blogs – and micro-blogs – from all perspectives and voices, so if you’ve got something to say, please get in touch:

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