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The Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators was written in 2019 and was the spark that led to the Innovations in Mindfulness Awards. It has supported much valuable work in the intervening years, and has been revised and updated in 2024. Read or download it below, and if you want to share your response to it, why not submit a short blog piece for our community page?

0   Fieldbook Intro
1   Mindfulness today
1.1   What is mindfulness?
1.2   Wider effects
1.3   Popular teaching methods
1.4   Current evidence
2   Innovation landscape
2.1   What is mindfulness?
2.2   Different innovation cultures
2.3   Opportunities for creativity
2.4   Cultivation of teachers
2.5   Establishing credibility
2.6   Business models
3   Designing with & for people
3.1   A human-centred approach
3.2   Starting with the problem
3.3   Co-creating a solution
3.4   Awareness of power dynamics
3.5   Designing for a diverse society
4   Does it work?
4.1   Why is evidence important?
4.2   Early testing and iteration
4.3   Explaining how your solution will work
4.4   Moving up the evidence hierarchy
4.5   Additional resources
5   The road ahead
5.1   Growing a team
5.2   Be a learning organisation
5.3   Scaling impact
5.4   Deepening practice
Download complete Fieldbook PDF
0   Fieldbook Intro
1   Mindfulness today
1.1    What is mindfulness?
1.2    Wider effects
1.3    Popular teaching methods
1.4    Current evidence
2   Innovation landscape
2.1    What is mindfulness?
2.2    Different innovation cultures
2.3    Opportunities for creativity
2.4    Cultivation of teachers
2.5    Establishing credibility
2.6    Business models
3   Designing with & for people
3.1   A human-centred approach
3.2   Starting with the problem
3.3   Co-creating a solution
3.4   Awareness of power dynamics
3.5   Designing for a diverse society
4   Does it work?
4.1   Why is evidence important?
4.2   Early testing and iteration
4.3   Explaining how your solution will work
4.4   Moving up the evidence hierarchy
4.5   Additional resources
5   The road ahead
5.1   Growing a team
5.2   Be a learning organisation
5.3   Scaling impact
5.4   Deepening practice
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